Gentle Professional Cleaning

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Professional Teeth Cleaning

Preventing the Loss of Teeth

Unfortunately, the possibility of tooth loss, plaque and gum disease only rises as we age. The bacteria in our mouths builds up and increases, causing the enamel to disintegrate and eventually causing tooth loss. Additionally, possibilities of plaque penetrating into the tooth or gums can cause further damage, such as bone damage to the jaw. Luckily, scheduling frequent teeth cleaning with our dentist, along with following a proper regime, can help prevent any of these issues.

Better Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is very important! Frequent teeth cleanings will get rid of any issues involving bad breath, which is caused by gum disease, plaque and so on. Prevention is crucial, because not only are you protecting your teeth, you're protecting your overall health.

Early Detection of Dental Problems and Diseases

Our dentist will conduct the regular teeth cleaning procedure but, at the same, have a chance to get a detailed look at the condition of your teeth, gums and oral hygiene. Early diagnosis is pivotal for the effective treatment of a number of conditions and diseases, including oral cancer. If the dentist detects any problems with your teeth, such as cavities and broken fillings, then early detection can help save the affected tooth.

Brighter Smile

Habits such as drinking coffee, eating sugar and smoking can all reduce the appearance and health of your teeth, even if you are brushing twice a day. Over time these habits can even discolor and stain your enamel. A proper teeth cleaning has much more to offer than what you may expect.

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