Payment Methods

At Arkadelphia Dental Care, we know how essential it is to maintain your oral health, which is why we offer flexible payment options at our dental office in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. The following methods are accepted:

Cash and Personal Checks

Paying with cash is one of the most common and reliable options available for our patients. Since cash payments are hassle-free and quick, many patients opt for this method of payment. You can always discuss your treatment plan with our dentist and prioritize your treatments to make the payment more feasible for you. You can get the treatments you urgently require and get the rest of the treatments done in intervals of days, weeks or months. When you get the urgent work out of the way first, it not only prevents your oral health from deteriorating, but it also spreads the costs of your complete treatment plan over a longer period.  

Aside from cash, we also accept personal checks as payment for the dental services. Our staff can assist you during this process by providing all the details needed to complete the form accurately. 

Credit Cards

You can also make a payment using credit cards. We accept the majority of credit cards, but there may be a few exceptions. It is best to check in with our dental office before you come in for treatment to inquire about which types are accepted. Furthermore, you should also contact your credit card company to check the amount of interest they charge. You may want to go with a different credit card or a different payment option if the interest rate is high.  


Our office accepts CareCredit, a healthcare credit card that is used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by dental insurance. CareCredit is subject to credit approval, but once you are accepted, you can use it again and again. CareCredit is a great option if you're on a budget, in that you can pay for your dental expenses in installments. Ask us about CareCredit today! Applying is easy, and we are here to answer any questions.

Apply for CareCredit


Most dental insurance policies cover basic dental work, including teeth cleaning, fillings, checkups and even some surgeries. It is highly recommended that you check with your insurance agent about what and how much your policy covers. 

Determining Which Option is Right for You

We realize many financial restrictions make individuals avoid getting dental services, which is why we focus on offering multiple payment options to enable our patients to get the treatments they need to enhance their oral health. It is essential to fully understand the treatment you are going to receive, the associated costs and the means of payment beforehand so that patients are well aware of what to expect and plan their finances accordingly. Therefore, our staff makes sure that the expected cost of treatment and services are communicated to the patients and that our dentist fully explains the procedure of the treatment so that there aren’t any unexpected surprises for the patients. We encourage you to consult our staff in case you need help since picking out the right payment option is just as important as choosing the right treatment. 

With the number of convenient payment options available to you at our dentist office in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, you're sure to find a single or combination of methods that fit your needs. Contact our team at Arkadelphia Dental Care for assistance in determining the right payment method for you. Speak with a friendly member of staff today by calling 870-246-2242.