New Patient

As a new patient to our dental office Arkadelphia, Arkansas, we want you to feel comfortable and secure during your visit. To help us achieve this goal, we've outlined what you can expect before, during and after your first visit with our dentist. 

Appointment Reminders

It can be easy to forget when you scheduled a dental appointment but now we will remind you with an Appointment Reminder via email or text message.  And if it's your first visit, we'll be happy to provide driving directions. Just click on the link below to let us know how you'd like to be contacted. We'll do the rest!

Appointment Reminder Consent Form

Download the release of records consent form.

Records Release Form

Before the Visit

To ensure everything goes well at your first visit, make sure you take the following things in account:

  • It is important to get to your first dental appointment 30 minutes prior your appointment so that you can go over your medical reports and fill out any health forms that you are needed. 

  • Our dental service makes sure every patient is reminded of their appointment ahead of time. Along with the option of phone calls, we also offer smile reminders that are sent via email or text message.
  • The core purpose of the first appointment is for the dentist to understand you, your oral history and your background. You should feel free to ask any questions related to the procedures or instruments used.

  • You must understand that it is crucial for your dentist to know about all your medications, health issues and family health history. Most of the time, any family inherited disease and medication does not have a direct connection with dentistry, but there is a chance that it could have an impact on your dental treatments.

Since customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us, our dentist make sure that the first appointment is well explained so that no patient feels caught off guard. 

After Arriving

The Welcome and Finishing of Paperwork

Once you arrive to our dental office, we will provide you with all the necessary paperwork. All new patients have the freedom to begin their paperwork when they are waiting for their appointment after they have formal hellos by the receptionist. We recommend arriving at your appointment 30 minutes early to ensure you have plenty of time to complete the forms, but you can also download our new patient forms online and fill them out ahead of time. 

New Patient Form

Comprehensive Exams and X-rays

After all the paperwork has been taken care of, it's time to begin your appointment and meet our dentist. The first component of this step is reviewing your medical and dental history. Next, our dentist will begin to look at your mouth, gums and teeth, which is known as a comprehensive exam. In most cases, x-rays are also taken to obtain images of the non-visible areas of the mouth. 

What New Patients Need to Know

  • The oral examination is just a comprehensive exam and it does not/will not because any risk to your oral health status. This exam is completed so that our dentist can evaluate your gums, teeth and jaws. 

  • Our dentists make sure they have a good relationship with all new patients before they start performing any treatments on them. This means no cleanings will be done the first day out of respect for every new patient.

Have a Proper Talk With Your Dentist

After the comprehensive exam and x-rays are complete, our dentist will sit down with you and review their findings. This is the point where you will develop a custom treatment plan that matches your needs. 

After the treatment plan is made, you will talk to the receptionist about the payment. At this time, you can review your dental insurance and determine which payment method or plan works for your needs.

Hello Healthy Mouth

You can begin your journey to a healthy smile simply by scheduling a visit to Arkadelphia Dental Care in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Our team is here to assist you through every step of your journey, so schedule your new patient appointment today by calling 870-246-2242!