About Your Team

Sherri McCaskill

Why I Chose Dentistry: Runs in my family!

My Hobbies: Playing with Kutter and Beau, shopping, spending time with family and friends, riding in our jeep, and side by side.

Fun Fact: I have two boys, 4 years apart, born on the same day and almost at the same time!

Amanda Jones

Why I Chose Dentistry: It runs in the family and I have stuck with it for 12 years. I love helping people see how dentistry can change their lives.

My Hobbies: I like to sew and craft. My children play sports, so my hobbies follow sports season!

Fun Fact: I can make a 5 course meal in crock pots.

Katelynd Fennell

Katelynd Fennell is currently working as a full time dental hygienist.  

Why I Chose Dentistry: As a dental hygienist, I hope to be more than a healthcare provider by connecting with each and every patient I treat by being an educator, friend, and motivator. I am passionate about my role in healthcare and seek to provide the highest quality of care by bringing brighter smiles to those who need it most.

Hobbies: I am the mother of a wonderful 2 year old boy. In my free time I enjoy camping with my family and watching criminal minds.

Melinda Crews

Why I Chose Dentistry: Because Dr. Jones was learning music at our church, and Keith and I were in the choir. Dr. Jones stated he had bought a dental practice in Arkadelphia and was looking for employees.

My Hobbies: Traveling whenever I can and enjoying my pool and yard. I also enjoy playing with my great neices.

Fun Fact: I am the best Nertz player in the world

Melissa Chitwood

Why I Chose Dentistry: My grandfather was a general dentist, so I got to visit his dental office often. I have always found it interesting.

My Hobbies: Anything with my 3 grand boys, hunting, and traveling.

Fun Fact: I am from New Orleans, so I am a HUGE LSU fan. Go Tigers.

Bridget Kennedy

Why I Chose Dentistry: When i was 12 years old I had my first dental visit. I was kind of scared because I knew I had some cavities. Fortunately, the dental assistant was very kind and didn't make me feel judged. Because my first dental visit was positive I knew I wanted to work in the dental field. I now get to create a positive experience for my patients.

My Hobbies: Reading, spending time with my dogs (Sammy and Cabo), marathon phone conversations with my daughters, friends, and my many siblings. I also love landscaping my yard.

Fun Fact: I am from the midwest, I have 3 daughers (Chelsea, Lindsey, and Marissa), I am number 8 of 12 children, I have a fraternal twin sister, and my youngest daughters are fraternal twins.

Wanda Lathem

Why I Chose Dentistry: Assisted for 7 years and decided that the dental field of hygiene was my calling. Have been an RDH for 21 years now, so my calling took!

My Hobbies: Running, working out, playing the drums and keyboard, and singing. I love spending time with my husband, kids, grandkids, and wonderful friends. I like most sports but mostly golf!

Fun Fact: I married my high school sweetheart! Knew I was marrying a Minister and did it anyways!